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Industrial hygiene

Thermal constraint

Industrial hygiene

With expert advice from experienced specialists in work environment safety and hygiene, Preventis System assists organizations by contributing to the identification, evaluation and elimination or control of environmental factors that may negatively impact your workers’ health.

All of our intervention work is done through a standardized approach supported by legislative and regulatory framework.

Our team of specialists intervenes in many spheres relative to health in the work environment. A majority of interventions involve the use of accurate measuring instruments. Such tools must be periodically calibrated and require precise qualifications to be handled. In addition, all laboratories we cooperate with are accredited. Through each intervention, Preventis System adheres to quality standards and best practices.

Sampling of physical, chemical or biological contaminants

Volatile Organic Particles
Oil mist
Gas and steam
Breathable compressed air

Noise management

Problems of overexposure to noise can prove very costly in compensation for a company. To counter this problem it is necessary to identify the sources (mobile or fixed), the intensity, the nature of the noise and the exposure of the workers. At Preventis System our team of specialists offer you a systemic approach to identify, control or eliminate at the source this major contaminant in the workplace.

Thermal constraints

Our occupational hygiene technicians can map and seize in our Preventis software all the hotspots of your sites and installations as well as evaluate the work/rest periods and this by tasks in order to protect your workers against heatstrokes.

Industrial hygiene
Contrainte thermique


  • An intervention plan adapted to the organization’s unique needs and realities;
  • Identification, assessment, elimination or control of various contaminants in the work environment;
  • Finding reports, recommendations and course of action;
  • Record keeping of gathered information and data through our online “Occupational Health” module;
  • Support through the implementation of our occupational health program, including training for its main users;
  • UNLIMITED access to modules within the integrated management system for occupational health / hygiene including but not limited to: air quality sampling results, contaminants, sound assessment (dosimetry, sound levels, and mapping), thermal stress, fungi and microorganisms, radiation, etc.