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Fit testing - Quantitative and Qualitative

Access to your results from anywhere via our Préventis platform

Is your Respiratory Protection Program up to date? Out Technical Teams are Available to Respond Quickly to your Needs.
La protection respiratoire

Respiratory protection program

Your workplace is overflowing of contaminants harmful to your employees’ health? Even with control measures, contaminants can remain suspended in the air.

Preventis System assesses work environments and assists organizations throughout the process of developing and implementing respiratory protection programs when required.

Programs developed by Preventis System meet the intent of the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (Quebec) and the Act respecting occupational health and safety (Quebec). They also comply with the Canadian Standards Association « Selection, use, and care of respirators » (CSA Standard Z 94.4 11).

Fit testing - Quantitative and Qualitative

It is important to ensure that your employees use adequate respiratory protection. At Preventis System we have the expertise to identify the contaminants present with all the equipment necessary to carry out the fit tests for your employees. The tests can be performed in your or our offices.

Online availability of your fit test results

Once the fit tests have been completed, the information collected will be made available through our respiratory protection application. Therefore it will be easy for employees or managers to see the reminder to perform new fit tests according to the respiratory protection program.

Creation of a respiratory protection program

Your company does not have a clear and effective respiratory protection program? Let our experts assist you in the development and implementation of such a program.


Our specialists can train your employees (workers, painters, welders, firemen, emergency response team …) on the proper use and maintenance of the various respiratory protective equipment.

Respiratory protection program
Respiratory protection program

The Respiratory Protection Module of the Preventis software makes it much easier to manage your respiratory protection program. It is accessible from all workstations in your organization so all your employees can have access to what brand, type and size of respiratory protection they were personally fit tested with. The respiratory protection module also manages the recall dates for the fit tests. You can also incorporate all the documentation concerning your respiratory protection program in order to make it available to all. It is fully compliant with CAN / CSA Z94.4-11. A management tool that centralizes information for your workers and greatly simplifies the task.


  • Gathering of information and inventory of potential contaminants present;
  • Sampling and assessment of potential contaminants listed in the evaluated workplace;
  • Evaluation of respiratory protection devices’ (RPD) in use and assessment of their compliance statuses in relation to identified contaminants;
  • Recommendations on required types of respiratory protective devices (RPD)
  • Staff training regarding adequate use and leak-proof testing of the above noted devices;
  • Record keeping of gathered information and data through our online “Respiratory Protection” module;
  • Developing and writing a respiratory protection program;
  • Support through the implementation of our respiratory protection program including training for its main users;
  • UNLIMITED access to the “Respiratory Protection” module comprising your staff’s personal files which include Qualitative and Quantitative results, tested types of respiratory protection devices, the frequency of reminders, and more.

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