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TDG by air (IATA)

tdg by air

TDG by air (IATA)

Master the different stages of preparing a shipment of dangerous (non-radioactive) goods by air according to national and international standards.

Overview ofIT ICAO / and / or IATA current regulations.

Scope of the regulations (shipper responsibilities and training requirements under the TDGR).

Classification of dangerous goods (classification criteria for 9 classes and packing groups).

Selection of the exact transport designation.

Use of lists of dangerous goods.

Familiarization of packing instructions (inner and outer containers) by passenger or cargo aircraft.

Use of packing instructions in accordance with standard specifications, limited quantities, excepted quantities, overpacks, or common packaging.

Requirements of markings, labeling of packages or overpacks.

Requirements for placards on a road vehicle.

Preparation of the shipper's declaration.

Segregation of dangerous goods.

Nomenclature (units of measurement, abbreviations, symbols).

State and Operators discrepancies.

Overview of other Canadian TDG requirements.

Practical workshops, review and examination.

tdg by air
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