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TDG by sea (IMDG)

TDG by sea (IMDG)

Controls the various stages of preparation of a shipment of dangerous (non-radioactive) goods by sea according to national and international standards.

Familiarization with the IMO IMDG Code.

Abbreviations and units of measurement.

Scope and general introduction.

Classification (classification criteria for the 9 classes and packing groups).

Choice of exact designations, alphabetical and numerical lists.

Packaging safety rules: UN / UN, TC / DOT safe containers, incompatible dangerous goods, segregation and marine pollutants.

Marking and labeling requirements for packages and overpacks.

Plate requirements for road and marine transport.

Preparation of documentation (shipping document).

Packing rules (loading & stowing) of marine containers (CTU).

Road transport of dangerous goods on ferries. (LAC)

Know and apply the specific requirements of the Canadian TDG.

Regulatory requirements of training, practical exercises.

Question Period, Review.

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