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Asbestos management program

Asbestos management program

Asbestos management

Do you suspect that some materials within your organization contain asbestos? Whether it be exposed, hidden or within other materials, this contaminant must be monitored and appropriately dealt with. Risks related to asbestos are now better known and covered by detailed regulations.

Our systemic approach is consistent with the Québec Regulation respecting occupational health and safety, construction safety codes and all new regulations on safe asbestos management in force since June 6th 2013. These provisions are designed to reduce workers’ exposure to asbestos dust.

Sampling and Characterization of Materials and Air (data collection)

Our team of OHS specialists will visit your establishment to perform sampling for laboratory analysis of areas suspected to contain asbestos.

Online availability of your asbestos management program

Thanks to the Preventis Asbestos Management application all the data collected (department, local, analysis report, level of dangerousness) will be centralized and made accessible to all, thus offering you full control of your asbestos.

Dismantling of asbestos

You wish to eliminate your asbestos? Our teams of specialists will handle the dismantling and safe disposal of your asbestos.

Asbestos management
Asbestos management


  • MLCA (materials likely to contain asbestos) identification and inventory taking. Flock and insulation locating in some buildings by year of construction.
  • Vulnerability analysis;
  • Identification of necessary steps to correct flock, insulation and lining issues involving materials containing or susceptible of containing degrading asbestos;
  • Corrective plan development for materials containing asbestos that could release fibres;
  • Management of all work on materials containing asbestos;
  • Record keeping of gathered information and data through our online « Asbestos Management » module in accordance with obligations to register and disclose said information and data;
  • Continued support through the implementation of our asbestos management system including user training;
  • UNLIMITED access to the “Asbestos Management Program” module through our web portal.