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Preventis System

About us

The enterprise

Preventis System is aware of the many constraints that various organizations face when trying to fulfill their legal obligations as best they can. However, the due diligence concept that organizations must abide by taking into account the results and ignores all efforts deployed.

It is for this exact reason that all programs developed by Preventis System are designed in compliance with laws, regulations and currents standards, thus ensuring your peace of mind.

Preventis System software

is an integrated software for the management of occupational health and safety and hygiene.

is a tool of diligence that ensures a traceability of your actions.

ensures efficient management of the key regulatory areas to which companies are subject.

provides you with centralized access to all information and is accessible to each of your employees.

Risk management

Our one-stop risk management concept enables our clients to simultaneously manage prevention, training and occupational health from a single solution. Our team is constantly working to develop tools and modules in order to meet our clients’ needs. We have a systematic approach that can seamlessly be integrated to your organization’s business process while allowing for a progressive shift towards a complete ownership.